We offer structured practice designed to improve velocity and mechanics through ongoing sports training for individual players and teams. Limited spots available.

Velocity Improvement Program

Work with former MLB Pitcher Dan Jennings and current MLB Pitcher in the Astros Organization, Cole McDonald.

Our Velocity Program is for Players 13 years or older. It includes 13 Group Sessions plus testing in the following areas: arm care, assessment, correctives, video analysis, drill/mechanical work and a throwing program. Former MLB Players will guide prospects through structured training to improve velocity and mechanics, and includes a throwing program with mounds sessions in January – February.




Mondays from 5-6pm October-March

Coach Pitch With Dan Jennings

Former MLB Pitcher Dan Jennings teaches future stars the fundamentals of baseball at an early age.

Our Coach Pitch Program is for boys and girls 4-8 years old. It ensures young baseball & softball players learn the game the right way, early in their career. It’s important to establish proper technique, fundamentals and the basics at a young age in order to establish a strong foundation of skill development, and to have success on the diamond. Players’ jersey and hat are included in the cost.




Every Monday from 4:15-5:00pm

515 Fieldhouse Speed Training with Brett Carney

3-Time All-American, 5-Time Big 8 Champion in Track at Iowa State University and 6-Time High School State Champion teaches Speed.

Brett Carney brings his vast knowledge and success to 515 Fieldhouse to teach young athletes how to improve their speed. After College, Brett was a College Track and Field Coach for 11 years with numerous Collegiate National Champions, All-Americans, High School State Champions and Place winners. Our Speed Training Program is for Sixth Grade through High School, and is great for all sports. 




Wednesdays & Fridays 4:00-5:00pm
Sundays 6:00-7:00pm

Iowa Prospects Strength & Conditioning Program

Learn the right way to increase strength and conditioning for Baseball and Softball from an 8-year Major League Pitcher.

The Iowa Prospects also offer a strength program run by Dan Jennings, an 8-year Major League pitcher. It is a baseball specific strength and conditioning program that meets all baseball strength needs for gains in velocity and performance. The focus includes speed, explosiveness, mobility, stability, rotational strength, lower body strength, upper body strength, core strength and arm care. 




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